Slippery Coco’s most asked questions all in the one spot

Is Slippery Coco all-natural?

Yes! Our vegan formula is completely natural and derived from 100% organic pure coconut. Slippery Coco is hypoallergenic making it perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

Does Slippery Coco contain parabens?

Slippery Coco is free of any nasty parabens which can be linked to hormone disruption and cancer.

Is Slippery Coco certified organic?

Yes! Slippery Coco is made with within all of the ACO guidelines and we are currently going through the process of getting our own certification.

Do you test on animals?

No! Slippery Coco is completely vegan friendly (unlike other lubricants that claim to be). Proudly tested on humans, not animals.

Is Slippery Coco Australian made and owned?

Yes! Our intimacy is 100% Australian owned. Bottled and packaged right here in the land down under.

Is Slippery Coco edible?

Yes! Slippery Coco, is completely safe to be consumed. With no taste or smell, due to its highly refined formula, it makes it perfect for use both internally and externally for all of your intimate needs.

Can Slippery Coco be used as a massage oil?

Yes! Slippery Coco is perfect for massage and self care. It is extremely nourishing on the skin and stays silky without drying or balling up, leaving your skin feeling moisturised without that “I've got to wash it off” feeling.

Can I use Slippery Coco with sex toys?

It's a known fact that you should never use a silicone based lube with silicone sex toys as this can break down the outer layer of the object and compromise its integrity. Slippery Coco is oil based, therefore won't degrade your sex toys at all! It is easy to clean off with warm soapy water prior to cleaning your sex toys as instructed.

Is Slippery Coco safe for use with condoms?

Slippery Coco is NOT safe for use with old-school latex condoms. BUT is perfectly fine to use with latex-free condoms like SKYN.

Is Slippery Coco safe to use when trying to conceive?

We recommend consulting with your doctor before using our product if you are trying to conceive. We make no claims on the use or benefits when trying.

Is Slippery Coco safe for use when pregnant or postpartum?

Yes! Slippery Coco is perfect for use during the prenatal and postpartum stages of pregnancy. Our multipurpose oil is excellent for;

  • Nourishing and moisturizing skin for improved skin elasticity as your bump grows to prevent and help manage stretch marks.
  • Maintaining pH balance as your hormone levels change throughout stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Use in the prevention of perineal tearing when applied to the skin in the weeks leading up to birth.
  • If tearing or episiotomy occurs during birth, Slippery Coco can be massaged into the affected area to help break down the fibrous scar tissue and improve elasticity. This can be helpful for future births also.
  • Maintaining comfort as you reintroduce intimacy back into your relationship.
  • Baby massage and keeping their skin hydrated also.

We’re sure you’ve got enough to worry about as a new mum, so rest assured we’re here to help take care of you, your body and your family so you can feel more comfortable and confident throughout this journey as you both grow and heal.

What other conditions can Slippery Coco help with?

Slippery Coco was originally designed to help ease discomfort for people with sensitive skin, various allergies, dermatitis and eczema. If you would like to read more please refer to our Blog “Sensitive skin in sensitive areas.”

How can Slippery Coco be of help for people undergoing cancer treatments?

Two very common treatments for cancer, in particular breast and cervical cancer are hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Both of these treatments cause huge changes to estrogen production which can lead to early symptoms of menopause and inhibit the natural production of lubricants in the female body. This can cause major discomfort and pain, as well as impact massively on intimacy within a relationship. We have a huge respect for the changes that a persons body and mind undergoes throughout the journey and recovery of cancer and how this can already impact on confidence and intimacy so we are here to make those intimate moments feel good again.

Do you ship in discreet packaging?

Yes! All slippery packages are sent with discreet packaging.