Why Slippery Coco?

Oh HI!

So you've made the brilliant decision to join the Slippery Coco family (great choice). Now, want to know why?

We can already tell by the fact that you're here and reading this, that you have impeccable taste and a respect for renowned quality. The world of intimacy oil can be sticky... so lets break it down.

Our talented team have worked tirelessly to produce not only an incredible product, but an unbeatable luxury adventure. Here at Slippery Coco we are driven by an insatiable desire to refine intimacy oil as we know them and redefine the sexual experience. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, right?

Slippery Coco believes that the sexual experience begins with YOU. Our unmatched, premium formula has been designed first and foremost with your health in mind.

The nitty-gritty...

Slippery Coco is made from 100% natural, organic and ethically sourced Coconut oil .... sound simple? Well why complicate things. We believe in using only the best ingredients, and we found it, so no need to keep searching.

We keep the ingredients clean, so you can get down and dirty...

Our carefully sourced vegan formula is distilled right here in Australia, creating a pH neutral, hypoallergenic product free from nasty preservatives, parabens and potential hormone disrupters. Our unwavering passion for safety and quality is found in every bottle. We’re talking about the most intimate part of the body, so looking after yourself is unquestionable. We're taught to put nothing but the best in our mouths, so don't compromise on quality elsewhere!

Now for the important part... Lets talk about sex baby...

Whether its solo or with a partner, Slippery Coco provides a seamless, silky and long lasting, sensual experience. Each perfectly measured drop is designed to enhance intimacy, accentuate pleasure and bring the excitement. Whether it be from the touch, taste or aroma, the bedroom will never be boring again! We want you to create connection, confidence and climax.... and that's just on the inside of the bottle.

Here at Slippery Coco we want the luxury experience to continue beyond the moment. Our sleek and sophisticated bottles are designed to be on show and make for the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Intimacy. Simplistically.

Now get undressed, to be impressed!

Let's get slippery

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