Sensitive Skin in Sensitive Areas

Dry skin, eczema, dermatitis... if any of these got your attention, then the chances are you suffer from sensitive skin along with approximately 65% of females and 55% of males, so you definitely aren’t alone.

First and foremost, what is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is skin that is more reactive than usual Dr. Cheung states. It is easily irritated by the elements- wind, sun, heat, and cold. Other potential triggers can be hormones, lack of sleep, and environmental factors. When the skin is exposed to one of these triggering elements, your sensitive skin may burn, sting, turn red, get raised and itchy, and most of all, feel extremely uncomfortable.

Sensitive skin is primarily caused by nerve endings in the top layer of the dermis (skin) becoming irritated. Just like allergies, it affects each person with different levels of severity, with some people reporting a bit of redness or dryness of the skin up to blisters and open sores.

“Once your skin becomes irritated, everything that you try to do only seems to make it worse... and so the cycle begins.”

People that suffer from sensitive/reactive skin know this vicious cycle all too well, especially with the huge upturn in cosmetic skincare products available on the marketplace these days. Do you find yourself reading the back of the labels more and more trying to spot a potential additive that your body or skin doesn’t agree with?? SAME!! Surveys show that the items that people generally react to are soaps, detergents, dyes, products with fragrance as well as *drum roll*... sexual lubricants. When talking about sensitive skin it is common to focus only on the face, however with the subject of sex being less “taboo” within society, there are rising numbers of people speaking out about sensitivity and reactive skin on their delicate downstairs...This is where Slippery Coco comes out to play!!

Slippery Coco was specifically developed to help myself and my partner after continuous troubles and complications with reactions to fabrics, weather, synthetic, and water-based lubricants found on the condoms themselves. After the art of the “horizontal tango” often resulted in a reaction and leaving us both sitting on the sideline for 7-10 days, we were then faced with the task of finding out why? Why was this happening and more importantly how to STOP the extreme uncomfortability and regain the intimate connection that we were lacking. Not because we didn’t want to, but because we physically couldn’t. Little did we know the lack of intimacy started to drive a wedge between us. Visit after visit to the GP, trying many different steroid creams, tablets, injectable gels, referrals to see countless specialists, and the helpless feeling that NOTHING was working. After a lengthy trial and error period and many products and remedies getting the same result, we stumbled across the Slippery Coco oil and JACKPOT…it didn’t hurt, it didn’t burn, and it wasn’t uncomfortable!

“JACKPOT…it didn’t hurt, it didn’t burn, and it wasn’t uncomfortable!”

We had FINALLY found something that made sex enjoyable again, and most of all, rekindle our intimacy! This moment changed EVERYTHING for the better, and we found ourselves so happy that we were talking about it to everyone. Interestingly, we noticed A LOT of people mentioning that they too were sensitive. This lead to us giving them the same intimate oil to try. The realisation then hit; this is a very common problem, and we could help SO many more couples that may be feeling helpless in the same position.

This is how and why Slippery Coco was created. To help couples just like us, that felt like there was no solution to a problem you don’t want to talk about.

Let us help you make sensitive skin and embarrassing irritations a thing of the past so you can focus on each other in the bedroom.