Check Your Coconuts Campaign by Slippery Coco

Okay Ladies, lets stop putting off the “TaTa” talk for another day, and dive into a topic that is close to every woman’s heart...Breast Cancer, and how our very own Check Your Coconuts campaign is helping save women’s lives. #checkyourcoconuts 🥥


In Australia, breast cancer has been the top spot of the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women for many years now, and is continuing to rise as each year passes. According to the Breast Cancer Network Australia- In 2023, it was predicted that 20,458 women and 217 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. On average, this is equates to 56 women every single day, to be told that their life is about the be flipped upside down. Breast Cancer makes up around 13% of all new cancer diagnosis in the country. Studies say that 1 in every 7 women WILL be diagnosed with BC within their lifetime. These numbers hit very close to home for many, which reminds us why we need to stay vigilant.


Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of why checking your breasts on the first of every month is crucial. Early detection is our strongest weapon against breast cancer. Research shows that when breast cancer is detected early, the five year survival rate skyrockets to over 90%. That's HUGE! Regular self-exams increase the chances of catching any abnormalities early on, giving you the best shot at successful treatment. #knowyournormal


When it comes to treatments for Breast Cancer, chemotherapy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are the two main weapons we use to fight cancer. Chemotherapy works by killing the fastest-growing cells within the body...both good cells and bad cells. This means that along with attacking the fast growing cancer cells, it also attacks your healthy white blood cells, hair cells, nails, your skin and can also damage the ovaries, which is the female bodies natural producer of hormones like estrogen. Similarly, HRT is commonly used to manage menopausal symptoms which can impact hormone levels and lead to treatment induced menopause and early menopausal symptoms.

Pretty much, with no natural estrogen in the female body this also means no natural lubrication... This is where Slippery Coco Intimacy Oil comes into play, by helping women experiencing these issues by bringing that normality back into the bedroom.


⏰ So, why the first of every month? Well, think of it like a monthly reminder to show your girls some love and attention. Plus, it's easy to remember, right? Just make it a part of your self-care routine, like brushing your teeth or doing a face mask.


Check your Coconuts is designed to be that reminder in your phone that pops up on the first day of the month and prompts you to quite literally, take your health into your own hands! Devoting that 5 minutes to yourself and making it a non-negotiable isnt just about preventing breast cancer, its about taking control of your health and embracing your body.


💬 We asked our Check Your Coconuts community what time they check their TaTa’s and why. Here are the most common answers -

  • “Im an early riser and am usually up to go for a walk before work so my alarm goes off at 6:30am and ive set my reminder for 6:45 so i can snooze it once haha” ~Crystal
  • “im a mum of 3 so my wake up time is all over the shop. Ive set my reminder for 8:30am because thats when i usually change out of my pjamas for school drop off” ~Nicole M
  • “I started doing this months ago and my boyfriend has now taken advantage of the situation so he will check the gals when i get out of the shower” ~Georgia
  • “Im 100% and shower girl! The soap helps your fingers glide over your skin and makes feeling for lumps so much easier.” ~Lou
  • “I ALWAYS make sure i do a check when getting dressed in the mornings before work.” ~EL
  • “It might sound funny but i do it when im brushing my teeth before bed.haha in the mirror after the shower but before bed!” ~Stacey
  • “My hubby now suggests to do it 4 times a month!HA HA Win-win on both sides i think” ~Vicki.T

Our favourite is DEFINITELY the Hubby's and partners getting involved!! haha


Since starting Slippery Coco and our Breast Cancer campaigns, i’ve had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of women throughout various stages of their BC journey and the one statement that has been mentioned by every single one was “I just wish i had of found it earlier”. This one statement has stuck in my mind and is the main reason as to why we started the Check Your Coconuts monthly campaign.


By Checking your Coconuts monthly, you're taking proactive steps towards a healthier, happier you. Please don’t be that woman saying “I wish i had of checked my breasts earlier” and join the hundreds of women taking self-care and self checks into their own hands.