Sexy Man 10cm | Triple Scented Torso Candle

Sexy Man 10cm | Triple Scented Torso Candle

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Sexy Man Large 10cm

It's getting hot in here. Who doesn’t need a steamy chiselled man in their life! Our Sexy man torso is the perfect gift. Put him on your bedside table and be guaranteed to wake up next to a sexy man every day.

There is nothing more beautiful than the human body. What better way to celebrate our unique selves than with a gorgeous hand crafted soy wax Torso.

Our triple scented soy wax candles are designed to be the perfect decorative edition to any home or space.

Hand made with love! We pride ourselves on remaining completely hands on in the creation of our candles by pouring each one ourselves at our Slippery Coco HQ.

Each individual candle has a unique rose gold touch. No two are the same. Just like us! So you can be guaranteed to receive a hand-decorated one of a kind beautiful gift every time.

We have 6 designs and 2 different sizes to choose from so you can find one that best suits you and your tribe!



Returns Policy

We do accept change of mind prior to postage but given the delicate nature of the product and recent pandemic restrictions we cannot accept candles that have been burnt or dropped.

Any defects or damage to your candle during transit must be notify Slippery Coco within 24-48 hours of you recieving your package.

Candle Care

If you do decide to burn me make sure to place me on a glass or heat/fire proof

candle plate to catch the wax as it melts. These do not burn like regular candles as my torso will burn in on itself and you will be left with some left over wax.

Never leave an open flame unattended and clear the area around where I will sit.

Refer to the safety sticker on the packaging for more information.